Natural Remedies Honey and Aloe Vera for Stomach Pain

Natural Remedies Honey and Aloe Vera for Stomach Pain

If you have stomach pain, you can try the natural remedy honey and aloe vera. Both work gently and in combination even better. Find out how and when you can use honey and aloe vera for stomach pain.

Combine natural remedies honey with aloe vera

The natural remedy honey has a healing effect on its own, but it is even more potent in combination with aloe vera, especially against injuries and irritations.

You can use these two ingredients topically, for example on small wounds or injuries. But you can also try using the combination as a remedy for stomach pain if the cause of your stomach pain is irritated stomach lining.

What can the natural remedy honey do?

The natural remedy honey has been known for generations, but is less common in Central Europe than in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Only in the last few years did we know that honey can not only sweeten, but also has healing properties.

Honey, the delicious product of the busy bees, is considered a panacea in naturopathy.

In fact, honey has been proven to help with inflammatory skin conditions, as the sweet glue has antibacterial properties like a gentle antibiotic.

Honey also helps to heal injuries faster, so that there are even some skin creams on the market that make use of this property.

These healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make the natural remedy honey suitable for use against stomach pains, the cause of which is bacterial or caused by irritation, inflammation and damage to the gastric mucosa.

You can also use the natural remedy honey to help heal stomach pains.

What can aloe vera do?

Aloe vera used internally as a panacea has not yet been fully scientifically researched, so that some statements can currently still be evaluated as advertising slogans. However, a few efficacies have also been proven with consumption. Try it!

Basically, it donates an incredible amount of moisture. Their nourishing ingredients also ensure that wounds or other skin injuries or skin irritations such as sunburns heal faster.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that aloe vera can also help with stomach pain caused by irritation or damage to the gastric mucosa.

So if your stomach ache comes from, for example, a mild stomach inflammation, aloe vera can help.

You don’t have to buy expensive aloe vera products when you have a plant like this on your windowsill. It is very useful – you should always have this medicinal plant in the house.

But be careful, “a lot helps a lot” doesn’t apply here! Because the enzymes in the aloe vera cause more salty water to accumulate in the intestine and thus accelerate bowel evacuation.

Natural remedies honey and aloe vera for stomach pain

If you want to use aloe vera for consumption, then it is really better if you cultivate your own aloe plant on the windowsill, because then you know for sure that it grows without pesticides and completely unencumbered.

If you want to make the natural remedy honey with aloe vera yourself to cure your stomach pain, you need a whole leaf. If you don’t have a plant of your own, try going to Asian shops to see if you can buy a leaf there. You need:

  • 1 leaf of aloe vera
    1 tablespoon of honey
    Water ad libitum

Make sure all ingredients are room temperature.

Peel the aloe leaf thoroughly so that you only have the light, jelly-like core. Cut this into pieces and place them in a blender or tall mixing vessel if you only have a hand blender.

Then add the honey and fill up with a little water so that the ingredients can be mashed together better. Puree until the honey and aloe vera have completely combined. This makes the drink slightly frothy and creamy.

Please drink the remedy immediately after preparation, because a lot of air got into the drink through the pureeing, which means that it is not so easy to store.

Drink in small sips. If the amount is too much for you, cut the ingredients in half and prepare the drink twice a day. Please do not consume more than one aloe vera leaf per day, as this plant can have a laxative effect.

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