How To Organize Everything In Your Closet


Usually, the doors of the wardrobe are closed so that no one can see the chaos inside: clothes that you no longer need mix with your favourite items to create a disorganized mess in which you slowly but surely lose track. We’ll show you how to organize your wardrobe!

Do you want to organize your wardrobe? Then get started!

If your closet is bursting at the seams, it is really time to do something about it. But take a whole afternoon to do this, maybe a rainy Sunday. Do not let yourself be bothered or rushed, because while you are cleaning up your closet, you will have to make many decisions.

Prepare large pieces of paper on which you write down your classification criteria in large letters. Be consistent even after sorting and finish your work by packing the sorted out things and, for example, putting them in your car on the same day. Let’s get started!

Clear out completely

It’s easy to start with: put everything in your closet on your bed. The ground in front of it should have an open space that you can create two more piles on.

Now take each part individually in your hand and decide whether you are still wearing it, whether it still fits you and whether it is worth picking up. If you leave the item of clothing in a new pile on the floor. If it is sorted out, put it on the second pile.

Make sure that you really get everything out of the closet. Socks, underwear, shoes, accessories such as belts, scarves, hats, bags, etc. Your wardrobe and associated chests of drawers or shoe cupboards must be completely empty.

Sort out

First, deal with the pile of discarded clothes. Think about what you want to do with it. Give away? Donate? To sell? Find out in advance where you can take your things. Examples are:

  • Homeless assistance
  • Regional organizations (refugee aid, Caritas etc.)
  • flea market
  • Online clothing exchanges
  • Second-hand flea markets etc.

Well-preserved branded clothing is purchased from online clothing exchanges at a fixed price. You pack a box with all your clothes and don’t even have to pay postage. Unbranded and well-preserved clothing is ideal to pass on to friends or social institutions at clothing swap parties.

Note that clothing from used clothing containers rarely ends up where it is needed, the textile industry in developing countries is destroyed and is often traded as “Western goods” in Eastern European second-hand boutiques. The old clothes container should really be the very last choice.

Paper mess

Now put pieces of paper on the floor on which you write down what should be done with the sorted out clothes, for example, “Internet” or “Refugee aid” or “Social department store”, “Flea market” etc. Then put each part of the pile of sorted out clothes in the Hand and put it behind the corresponding slip of paper.

In the end, you only have one large, unsorted pile left: the clothes that were found to be “good” in the first round and that were given an initial “right to stay”. Now take another closer look at this pile before you hang it back in the closet:

Does it make sense to just pick up the blazer even though the pinching pants are sorted out? Is the blouse really still modern with the collar? Are you really still wearing your favourite shirt from summer 1995? Is the dress still there that the belt belongs to? Question each item very carefully and decide again whether it can be put back in the closet or not. If not, sort it into one of the “piles of paper”.

Rearrange the closet

Only now is it time to put the closet back into the closet. Vacuum it thoroughly beforehand, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth so that the wardrobe is as good as new before you put it into another place. This also applies to the dresser and shoe cabinet! Then sort by arranging your clothes:

  • Blouses to blouses
  • Skirts to skirts
  • Clothes to clothes
  • Winter clothes to winter clothes
  • Summer things to summer things
  • Sports dress to sports dress etc.

In the end, you will find with great surprise that you have gained a lot of space in your closet. Now it is important that it stays that way. Before you buy clothes, decide whether this really has to be done and make sure that your closet does not overflow again.

You should do this procedure once a year, ideally when the season changes. This way your wardrobe will stay up to date and not overcrowded. As mentioned at the beginning, it is important to bring the sorted out clothes on the same day: tape up the parcel for online sales, but the bags for the social department store in the car, etc. That way, there is the order in the closet!

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